About Me

Photo by Hanna Machs
Photo by Hanna Machs
Photo by Mikael Wallerstedt

I am Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of Theology (Uppsala University).


I teach Ethics at the Faculty of Theology and supervise several doctoral projects (in Ethics).


My current major project is entitled Critical Normativity in Law, Ethics, and Politics. The aim of this study is to offer an analysis of the dialectics of the concepts of law, morality, and politics in order to scrutinize and to some extent redefine the controversy between legal positivism and natural law. The main research question is how legal and moral normativity is/should be understood and how these understandings are related to different concepts and understandings of politics.    


My other project Social Ethics and the Russian Orthodox Tradition examines Russian Orthodox Church’s involvement in Russian politics and aims to suggest a critical analysis from a theological perspective. I do believe that there are theological resources within the Orthodox tradition that can and should be used in order to critically approach political and social developments.


My most recent publications include Human Rights as Ethics, Politics, and Law (Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Uppsala 2014), Mänskliga rättigheter i det offentliga Sverige (Studentlitteratur, Lund 2017), “Orthodox Theology, Politics, and Power” in Stoeckl, Gabriel, and Papanikolaou (eds.): Political Theologies in Orthodox Christianity (Bloomsbury, London 2017).


I am fluent in Russian, Swedish and English and have published extensively in all three languages.