My contribution to “Med blicken österut: Hyllningsskrift till Per-Arne Bodin”

My contribution entitled “Frälser skönheten världen? En reflektion över den ryska teologins särart” investigates one of the most interesting tensions in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s heritage – his view of beauty as both redemptive (“The Idiot”) and destructive (“The Brothers Karamazov”) power. In the late writings of Dostoevsky there is a notion of “Russian beauty”. How to interpret it? In what sense is it redemptive and when does it become destructive? I propose an interpretation of Dostoevsky’s view of the ambivalence of beauty and develop a criticism of the Russian theological tradition that, very much like Dostoevsky, underestimates the risks of the “esthetization” of Christianity.
“Med blicken österut: Hyllningsskrift till Per-Arne Bodin” is available at Artos, Adlibris and Bokus.